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Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
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Looking for some help

1. In my application i want to have a keypad which will have a background image and on top of it individual
button with image and on press i need to invoke some function and change the button color(another image with different color), What is the best way to create this application ? Is there any custom keypad example available which uses images as foreground for button and on click change the color of the button?

2. what is recommended image format( bmp or png or any other format ?) for this application

3. what is the correct way to create a keypad? Just use the button
and assign image to it or is there a way use images and trigger a call back on press / release on image?

4. I tried to create the layout using GUIBuilder with bmp as background image, but crashes i add more images,
but when i use png i'm able to create this but my application is not working on target with png, So i'm not sure what is the right format to use

My main concern is having lot of image it could slow down the system, So i want to use the optimum solution which would have faster response