LPC1830 Interrupts Don't Work

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rkcooncap on Wed Mar 13 16:30:52 MST 2013
I can't get LPC1830 to call my interrupt routine.

I am using a new NGX LPC1830 Explorer board and Rowley compiler. Trying to receive characters on USART0. I have the character in tht RBR, and the Read interrupt enabled in the IER. So, I know the port is working. I ran NVIC_EnableIrq(USART0_IRQn). It won't call the interrupt routine.

I have used several other LPC's, and I never had this problem. I guess there is something else I need to do to set things up.

I also tried the nxpUsbLib HostHID example and got the same problem. It never called the interrupt routine even though I think it was supposed to from my experience with the same code on LPC1788.

Any ideas for help would be appreciated.