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How to make library files(*.a) in CW8.1 for mpc555

Discussion created by huang guojun on May 8, 2008
Latest reply on May 9, 2008 by huang guojun
Hi Folks
I have use CW MPC5XX v8.1 for 2 years, and I write a lot of functions. Now I want to make my own librarys. In the CW for 08 we can use the linker "libmaker for 08" or libmaker.exe under the "prog" folder, what should I do in the CW for MPC5XX envionment
And the CW8.1 compile use *.a not *.lib as library file, I can see CW use "mw lib import eabi", but I can't see any files in the "prog"  folder, why?
Does CW 8.1 can't customize  library or I have lost some plugins for the CW MPC5xx v8.1?
I have puzzled for 2 weeks!