LPC18xx EMC with synchronous interface to an FPGA

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I am in the process of choosing an ARM device for a project which requires High Speed USB and also includes an FPGA. LPC18xx looks promising.

Can the EMC be used as a synchronous bus interface to my FPGA? I see that there is a note in the data sheet about "Synchronous static memory devices (synchronous burst mode) are not supported." I don't need a burst mode.

I guess my questions are when the EMC is configured to work as a static external memory interface, with accesses in one of the four static-memory chip select address ranges:

Can I use one of the EMC_CLK signals for my FPGA clock, or are they only available if a dynamic interface is enabled?

If so, then are the various EMC signals (EMC_A[], EMC_WE, EMC_OE, EMC_CS, EMC_D) synchronous to that clock?

Thanks in advance.