LPCScrypt and LPC1820 with W25Q40CL spifi

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by fancypants on Fri Mar 06 00:24:48 MST 2015
I'm working on a project that has an LPC1820 and W25Q40CL spi flash. LPC1820 is hard-wired to either boot from spifi or usb0. The W25Q40CL is programmed with test code - blinking leds, etc. I've successfully programmed the W25Q40CL through the debugger (JTAGjet :^( ). When I power the unit on and boot from spifi, the leds dance and do their thing as expected. I then turn off power, hold a button, and boot from usb0. I run boot_lpcscrypt and it finds the dfu device and downloads LPCScrypt_55.bin.hdr to the LPC1820. I then run "lpcscrypt targetInfo" and I get "LPC1820: - No Internal Flash PartID:0xf00adb3c 0x0 Clock: 180000000Hz". Seems good. I then run "lpcscrypt queryspifi" and it says "No SPIFI". Any attempt to program the spifi returns a similar message.

Am I doing something wrong?