cheap LCD (800x480) board

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hi there,

i have to start a new project building a lcd+touch board based on the 208qfp version of the lpc185x microcontroller. this is my first LPC based board, so i'd appreciate feedback if i forgot something... my requirements are not too high in terms of graphical capabilities, mostly showing graphics, navigating through menus... nothing fancy (control panel of a machine)...

according to the datasheet the 208qfp part only has a 16bit wide data bus on the emc. according to the bus load calculator it would still only give 45% bus load on SDRAM with 120MHz, 800x480px, 60Hz, 16bit color depth. are there any problems i could run into when adapting the sample codes which use 32bit wide data to my board? do i have to consider anything already beforehand, any pitfalls?

code execution from internal flash plus storage for graphics and everything else that doesn't fit in external QSPI flash connected via SPIFI (QSPI should be the only external flash)

can the touchscreen be connected directly (and used with little programming effort) to the ADC of the microcontroller or do i have to use a touchscreen controller?

i'd like to use the emWin graphics library. would it support the touchscreen when it is connected to the ADC directly?

all in all it should be as basic as possible: LPC1857 208qfn, 16bit wide SDRAM, QSPI flash, LCD connector, touchcontroller yes/no

Any idea anyone if this works?
Thanks in advance,