how to establish connection between mcb1800(lpc1857) and my laptop

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by saur on Mon Oct 14 01:21:37 MST 2013
I am using the mcb1800 development board which has a LPC1857 controller.

I'm using the Keil IDE and have the MDK PRO license (12 days of license remaining, so kind of urgent).

I'm using the BSD Server program given by Keil and trying to establish a connection between my board and the laptop using an Ethernet cable.

I gave my laptop a static IP and gave the default gateway as the IP of the board and also added the arp of the board to the laptop using cmd.

But whenever I try to ping the board (default gateway), it says request timed out.

Can anyone please help me, as to how to establish the connection or any example program to get an Ethernet communication working.

If I'm doing something wrong, tell me that or what I should do?

If possible, a detailed flow as to how to establish the communication would be great.

Thanks in advance and waiting for all the valuable inputs.