reading/writing SDCARD using USB

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I am using the development board MCB1800 (lp1856) from Keil.
I can compile and the examples usb_rom_msc_ram and periph_sdmmc.

But the first example uses RAM instead of an SDCARD, so I want to combine these two examples.
I can read the number of sector and size of the SDCARD, so I can set the right settings for USB.
In windows the right size of the SDCARD is shown.

But now I want to read and write the Card using USB. I see the functions translate_rd and translate_wr.

I tried several things but nothing is working yet. What code do I need to add to let the SDCARD work with USB.
I have seen the gunctions diskr_read and disk_write. However when I use these functions in the USB routines the application gangs.

Thanks in advance