SDRAM bank interleave

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tvink on Tue Feb 24 06:49:34 MST 2015

I am using a 64Mbit SDRAM that has 12 bit ROW addressing, 8 bit COL addressing, and it has 4 banks.

I am wondering what is the best way to connect the SDRAM's Bank address pins to the LPC1837. 

Also wondering what I should choose for address mapping in the LPC1837 "Dynamic Memory Configuration" registers.  I think my two choices area
1) 64Mb ( Row, Bank, Column )
2) 64Mb ( Bank, Row, column )

It seems that the 1st choice would promote interleaving... but does the EMC take care of that no matter which choice I make?

Does this choice affect the way the bank selects are wired to the LPC1837?

How should the bank selects be wired to the LPC1837 and which address mapping should I choose?