LPC1857 C_CAN0 Interrupt problem

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Dear All,

When an interruption is triggered on C_CAN0 the program go to Hardfault handler. If I disable interrupts of the C_CAN0, it seems to work correctly.
If I change controller to C_CAN1, interrupt occurs without any troubles.

In UM10430 rev2.6 I think there is an error on Table 72 (NVIC interrupt sources). All vector offset are wrong (and overlap with previous) from the interrupt ID 37 (GPIO pin interrupt 5). I think offset for C_CAN0 is 0x10C instead of 0xFC. But the default startup.s do not have this problem so it's just a datasheet error.
I think the real problem is that C_CAN0 handler address is read from address 0x0C instead of 0x10C, 0x0C is the offset of Hardfault.

I have a LPC1857JET256 with a -Y revision (normally engeineering sample of the Rev A).

I really need to use interrupt and C_CAN0, is someone has encountered the same problem ?

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