I2C Init with LPC1857

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Hi there,
I use the eval board from Hitex with the LPC 1857 and I try to communicate via I2C with a temperature sensor. The name of this sensor is SE97B from NXP and he´s on the eval board.

I've used some I2C libraries from LPCOpen and this is the result:

void Board_I2C(void)
Chip_I2C_SetClockRate(I2C0, SPEED_400KHZ);
Chip_I2C_SetMasterEventHandler(I2C0, Chip_I2C_EventHandlerPolling);

void Temp_Sensor_Init(void)
SE97B.slaveAddr = (SLAVE_ADDRESS << 1) ;   // SLAVE_ADDRESS = 0x30 --> data sheet, A2 A1 and A0 are GND
SE97B.txBuff = I2C_Tx_Buf;
SE97B.rxBuff = I2C_Rx_Buf;
SE97B.txSz = 3;
SE97B.rxSz = 0;

I2C_Tx_Buf[0] = 0x00;                                             // Low Byte
I2C_Tx_Buf[1] = 0x00;// High Byte
        I2C_Tx_Buf[2] = 0x01;// CONFIG Register Addr

Chip_I2C_MasterTransfer(I2C0, &SE97B);

The The Chip_I2C_MasterTransfer - function works according to this scheme:

Unfortunately, I see on the oscilloscope no clock and no data. Have anyone some experience and can help me to find the right functions?