LPCopen Header file errors - Keil

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dsidlauskas on Sun Mar 30 13:15:15 MST 2014
I find that Keil Uv4.7 is marking many of the symbols(eg __IO) in the LPCopen header (eg. gpdma_lpc18xx.h) files as undefined, even though the library (chip) builds  OK.

Using a fresh copy of LPCopen and selecting one of the example multiprojects, I do not see this behavior

However, if I go to the \lpcopen_2_04_keil_iar_ngx_xplorer_1830\software\lpc_core\lpc_chip\chip_18xx_43xx directory and run the single chip library project lib_lpc_chip_18xx.uvproj I do see that behavior. That is, the __IO (and other declarations) are marked by Keil as not defined, even though the library builds without build errors.

It appears that there are some other dependencies that exist in the single project workspace that are resolved in the multiproject space. But what are they?

The situation described above is the simplest example I can come up with of a problem that I'm having with a real project. I don't know if a library built from the single project workspace works or not.

Does anyone have a clue about what's going on here?


Dave S.