Problem Booting from internal Flash on LPC1857

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Hi Friends,

I am working on LPC1857 on a customized board. I am very much confused about Boot mode. In this board boot pin P2_7 is samples low on reset, so boot source is determined by the states of pins P2_9, P2_8, P1_2, and P1_1. In User Manual page number 35 different boot modes are discussed, I have attached this page with post.

If you check there are options to boot from USART, SPIFI, EMC, and USB etc. But no option provided to boot from internal 512k bank A or bank B.

May be I am really dumb to understand it. Please guide me how to boot it from internal flash banks; I am able to dump the code in internal flash. But code is running from SPIFI. I need to change this and make it run from internal Flash.

Thank you.