simple SPIFI setup for just reading data

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Dill on Mon Aug 11 13:53:48 MST 2014

I used a flashless 1830 running from SPIFI but now I switched to a 1837 with internal flash.
With the 1830 the SPIFI just works, it behaves just like internal flash. I did not set any registers or call any init functions. Seems like there is going on some magic when the 1830 boots from spifi...?
Anyway, now that I'm booting from the internal flash it seems like I have to set up the SPIFI manually. How is this done? I only find help for booting/running code from SPIFI or *writing* to SPIFI (I just want to put a big array there using the prommer and READ it). Any pointers?

Is there any decent info about SPIFI? The chapter in the user manual is just two pages and does not help at all.

Thanks for any help,