Trying to get emWin running on Hitex LPC1850 EVA-Board with EA LCD-Board 7"

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I'm trying to get the emWin BSP 5.20 for the EA 1788 Dev-Kit running on my Hitex LPC1850 EVA-Board. Both Boards uses the same Display: EA 7" LCD-Board. Now I have made the modifications in the BSP. The problem is that I can't download the project in the external flash (SST39VF3201).

My IDE is Code Red RedSuite 5.

I get the following error messages:

-> Flash Driver "Init" return error code 0x1 ;

-> Target reported errors, reason:15: Target error from commit flash write ;

-> Error in final launch sequence Failed to execute MI command: -break-insert -t main
    Error Message from debugger back-end: cannot access memory at address 0x1c001f78

The parallel flash ram uses the same lines as the sdram. Could it be, that I have to switch between the memories? Did anybody have experiences with the Hitex EVAL Board and the usage of both memories? After building the Project I get an error: "make:***[NXP_Hitex1850_BSP_LPCXpresso510.axf] Error 1".

Please, can somebody help me with this problem?