Can I use SDR CLK1 instead of SDR CLK0 for 128Mb x16 single-chip SDRAM?

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Hello All,

I have a question regarding the LPC1830 SDRAM interface. As you know very well, there are four possible SDRAM clock pins (CLK0 - CLK3). I have a single-chip 128Mb x16 SDRAM in my design. Initially, I was thinking about bringing EMC_CLK0 (SDRAM clock 0) from the processor to the SDRAM. However, I noticed that, if I assign CLK1 (SDRAM clock 1) as my SDRAM clock, the layout will be easier and I will not have to use any vias on that clock signal. That's because CLK1 pin is T10, which is an edge pin on the BGA. Also, if I can use CLK1 as the SDRAM clock, do I have to then use CKE1 instead of CKE0 for clock enable pin? Basically, if I use the following signals for the SDRAM interface, will there be any issue?

CLK1 - SDRAM clock
EMC_CKEOUT0 - SDRAM clock enable 0
EMC_DYCS0 - SDRAM chip select 0

Thank you for your help.