LPC18xx and NVIC_SystemReset()

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mch on Wed Jun 25 08:09:36 MST 2014
We have a board design based on the LPC1837 and want to cause a software reset. We have used the NVIC_SystemReset() function on other LPC based design and it worked fine. However on this board it does not, it just seems to cause the board to hang and we need a power cycle before we can access it with the debugger again.

We have tried this with a Keil MCB1800 eval board and we get the same behaviour.

The RGU on this CPU is quite complex so it may be that there may be some extra setup here to get it to work.

We are using the Keil MDK v5.10 for our development so hopefully this will be pulling in the correct CMISS libraries.

Has anyone else got this to work, or can anyone suggest some code we can use to cause a hardware reset.

I should say that the WDT reset does work, however we don't want to use this as we want to reserve this for software lockups.