ADC pin shared with DAC pin, howto use ADC pin?

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We use the LPC1837 in LQFP144 package. It has a pin named "ADC0_0/ADC1_0/DAC".

We want to use the DAC on pin P4_4 and the ADC on pin "ADC0_0/ADC1_0/DAC".

The datasheet states that the ADC input channel 0 is shared between ADC0/1 and DAC.

Does this means that it is not possible to use the ADC function of pin "ADC0_0/ADC1_0/DAC" when I enable the DAC for pin P4_4?

Or is there a register which can select which function will be used on pin "ADC0_0/ADC1_0/DAC"?