LPC1833 Strange ADC behavier

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by hamu on Fri Nov 15 01:13:35 MST 2013

I want to convert all 8 ADC channels but the behavier is not as expected.

Example (V_ref = 2.5V):
Reading channel 5 with the CMSIS funcions

ADC_ChannelCmd (LPC_ADC0, 5, 1);
ADC_StartCmd(LPC_ADC0, 1);
while(!ADC_ChannelGetStatus(LPC_ADC0, 5, 1));
Value1 = ADC_ChannelGetData(LPC_ADC0, 5);
ADC_ChannelCmd (LPC_ADC0, 5, 0);

The result is always 0x3FF althought the value on the pin is 0,398V. With burst mode the conversion delivers the same result.
If I convert more than one channel in burst mode the conversion results depends on the number of activated channels. If I convert only channel 5 I get 0x3FF but when I convert channel 0 and channel 5 the conversion value for channel 5 is 0x190 (with same voltages on the pins).

Has anyone a working sample for the ADC??