LPC1857 SPIFI flash loader for Micron N25Q256A

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by brightcloud on Thu Apr 03 01:39:22 MST 2014
Hi NXP supporters,

Because of the PCBA space limitation, we have to use 32MB QSPI flash N25Q256A.
It's listed in the LPX18xx user manual that N25Q256 could be supported by SPIFI.

I'm using IAR6.40.x, there needs to setup flash loader for loading SW into QSPI flash.
Using the FlashLPC18xx_SPIFI.out generated from FlashLPC18xx_SPIFI project from IAR installer src folder.
I got following error:
[color=#f03]Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:51:08: Flash loader: Failed to setup call to 'FlashInit'[/color]

Using the FlashLPC18xx_43xx_SPIFI.out from lpcOpen V2.09, IAR just reported flash loader error without anymore information.
I also used FlashLPC18xx_43xx_SPIFI.board/flash/mac file according my HW.

As the SPIFI driver supplied .lib file only, it's really quite difficult to find the problem.
Does there have any problem in the flash loader project file?
Or does there have any hints to solve the problem?