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Hi guys,

has been trying to port the sample spifi keil project to xpresso project (for LPC1830 board) and encounter some problem,
* spifi_drv_M3.lib , how do convert this .lib to .a? or is renaming the file to .a good enough?
* how to load this .lib to ram? I tried to rename the .lib to .a and the compilation pass, but it hangs at spifi_init(). I suspect it's because I need to load this function to ram.
  I added this to my .ld file but from the map file, it doesn't seem to be correctly loaded to RAM
.data_func : ALIGN(4)
           libspifi_drv_M3.a (.text)
   . = ALIGN(4) ;
} > RamLoc96 AT>RO_MEM

* also tried the driver recommended by this thread: http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/spifi-errata-and-part-version-information#comment-1023028 , but it hangs at this line:
  SCnSCB->ACTLR &= ~2; // disable Cortex write buffer to avoid exceptions when switching back to SPIFI for execution