Confusing ADC Input channels

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by rlund on Tue Jan 19 13:27:55 MST 2016
I have a couple of questions regarding use of the ADC.  I am using the 256 pin package of the 18xx chip

Everywhere in the documentation states that the input channels for ADC0 and ADC1 are tied together. 
1. What is the benefit of this? Wouldn't it be more useful if the two ADC's had separate input channels?
Only thing I could think of would be to set up two different conversion timings/triggerings.  Even though you'd be reading from the same inputs.

The pin configuration portion of the user manual has some confusing labels.
2. Am I correct in assuming that ADC0_1 input channel, located on P4_1 is essentially the SAME as ADC1_1 input channel located on PC_0?  Why are there two different names?
The analog pin section seems to more accurately describe the same input channel signal as "ADC0_1/ADC1_1"  Also, on the 256 pin package, this means you have 3 options for each input channel.

Thank you in advance, just want to verify my understanding is correct.