Bugreports for git repository?

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by matthias.heinz on Mon Jul 08 02:17:55 MST 2013


I'm looking for a way to send bug reports for the lpc18xx git repository.

I found some minor errors which I'd like to see fixed upstream, because I'm using this as submodule in my projects.

For example:

(1) In lpc18xx_scu.h I need to include the header for stdint.h, to be able to compile it.

(2) The FLASHEEPROM_IRQ is missing in LPC18xx.h

(3) I do a dirty trick (compile option __BUILD_WITH_EXAMPLE__) to be able to use my own lpc18xx_libcfg.h so I don't need to change things in the lpc18xx_libcfg_default.h. Since I'm using the git repository for the lpc18xx as submodule I don't want to change too much things, because if there's an update somewhere I want to be able to do a clean pull and not have to care about changes I had to make. It would be great to document this somewhere and maybe change the compiler flags name, to make it more official.


So, where do I report this officially?