Writing to RTC time registers causes a delay in code execution.

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I have come across a problem (to us) with the rtc on the MCB1800 (lpc1850) development board (and also
our board). The problem occurs when 2 rtc time writes are performed back-to-back.

What seems to happen is if a second write to rtc time registers is performed without a delay
(no less than ~900msec) then code execution, includes interrupts, is halted for 300-800msecs. I
know the rtc uses a 1Hz clock and rtc register access uses the CLK_M3_BUS so register updates
takes a few clock cycles but surely it shouldn't halt code execution on the processor?

Reads from the rtc are not effected even after a write to rtc.
I've included a modified blinky example application that shows the problem.

Has anyone else encountered this problem on the LPC18xx?

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