Running from SPI flash?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by chuckp on Tue May 22 12:57:31 MST 2012
Can anyone suggest how to build a project so that some functions execute from SPI flash, while others are loaded into RAM?

I am working with an LPC1850.  I have a Hitex A4 board, and I have IAR tools.  I'd like to find an example of a project putting some code in RAM and running other code from SPI flash.  I've looked through the various examples.  I see the SPIFI example.  When I run that code, I find that the pSpifi->spifi_program() function in the ROM table is zero.  When I try to link in the spifi library provided with the CMSIS package, the program fails to start.  But this isn't obviously about running code from SPIFI.

I see the "bootfast" example from the CMSIS package, but that has only a Kiel setup, and I'm also not convinced it is about running code from flash.

I also see that there is an image manager tool that may be involved.