Drivers for SPIFI N25Q064A

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Paulo Madeira on Tue Jan 19 12:31:40 MST 2016

We are using LPC1830 with Flash SPIFI from Macronix part number MX25L6445EZNI-10G and IAR

This memory is used as program and data memory and it is working properly.

We are now changing this memory for Micron part number N25Q064A13EW9D0F but it is not working.

It's possible to use an external programmer and run the main loop, but we can't write in this memory
(N25Q064A13EW9D0F) from LPC1830 for bootloader and data store purposes, although it works fine with MX25L6445EZNI-10G

We think that our SPIFI library (SPIFI_drv_M3.lib) does not support this Micron memory (this lib is from IAR 6.40).

We checked this forums, but this drivers has the same results or didn't worked:

Anyone can help us with this problem? Is there any new library that can handle this Micron N25Q memory?

Thank you.