I2S TX 4 pin mode

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I have the following I2S0 signals connections to a stereo CODEC.

I2S0_TX_MCLK connected to the CODEC
I2S0_TX_SCK connected to the CODEC
I2S0_TXWS connected to the CODEC
I2S0_TX_SDA connected to the DAC data input of the CODEC
I2S0_RX_SDA connected to the ADC data output of the CODEC

Because of this configuration, I decided to configure I2S0 transmitter as MASTER and I2S0 receiver in 4 wire mode (slave mode).
I then enable the RX interrupt for I2S0.

In this configuration I don't receive any RX interrupts !

Do you have any idea why ?
Is it some kind of limitation of the 4 wire mode ?

it doesn't really make any sense to me.