Keil v4.60 and lpc18xx libraries

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Cusko on Mon Oct 08 07:13:34 MST 2012
Just for information.
I had some problems with an USART on my board with the LPC1820. After 2 days I found bug with the new version of Keil compiler. In the file Lpc18xx_cgu.c in line 637 there is condition
( if((CGU_PERIPHERAL_Info[Clock].PerBranchOffset!= 0) && !(CGU_PER_BRANCH_STATUS(Clock) & CGU_BRANCH_STATUS_ENABLE_MASK)) return 0; )
that is  not evaluated correctly in the last Keil uVision v4.60. So USART only works when you comment this line.

Probably there is more of these bugs with the new version of Keil compiler.