Are LPC182x devices subject to C_CAN errata ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by devlin on Wed Oct 01 13:23:53 MST 2014
We're planning on using the LPC1822JET100 device in a new project.
We would like to use 2x CAN, AD-converter and 2x I2C bus at the same time.

When reading the errata sheet (rev 5 / 15 Aug 2014) we are a little bit confused  regarding C_CAN.1 problem.

The errata says in 3.1:
"On the LPC185x flash-based devices, there is an issue with the C_CAN controller ...."

Does this mean that the LPC182x devices are NOT affected ?
Or,  should the errata be read as 'On the LPC185x/3x/2x/1x flash-based devices ....' ?

In the Users manual it seems to be a generic problem for all 18xx devices (which makes more sense)
From section 42.2:
Remark: Use of C_CAN controller excludes operation of all other peripherals connected
to the same bus bridge. See the LPC18xx errata.

Any input is welcome as we may need to skip one CAN-bus or use some other device.