Running from SPIFI : UART FIFO Overrun

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jcarter on Wed Oct 24 06:00:15 MST 2012

  I have been using the LPC1788 on a project, and I now want to move to the LPC18XX series.

  I have quite a lot of program data, so running from SPI really appeals to me. I am currently using a 4MB Quad SPI flash device where my program is running from.

  The issue I have now, is that I am getting UART buffer overruns when I communicate at 115200 baud with my device over the UART. This had no trouble what so ever when I was running from internal FLASH on the older LPC1788 device. Is it that running from SPIFI is just too slow?

  If I'm having this trouble on the UART, what will happen when I get to USB??

  I'd appreciate it if anyone could lend a hand.