LPC1837 / LPC1857 roadmap

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Yappi on Thu Nov 19 18:40:11 MST 2015
We have a low volume product that uses the LPC1837xET256 that we are updating.

I'd like to consider using the LPC18S57xET256 for its security offerings and mostly to avoid Errata note PMC.1.

It seems that the  LPC18S57xET256 is a ball-for-ball replacement for the LPC1837xET256. Is this correct?

Also, is the LPC18S57xET256 the silicon update for the LPC1857xFET256 or is it a limited branch offering?  Will I have a hard time finding the LPC18S57 in low volumes in the next 12 months?

Can anyone share thoughts or information on the roadmap?

Thanks for reading.