SPIFI library support for Spansion S25FL132K

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This may not be the correct forum, but I'm working with a LPC1850 (flashless part) and the Spansion S25FL132K qspi flash chip (Spansion recommends this part for new designs, as opposed to the S25FL032P).  I can program the flash and the board runs and everything.  However I run into issues when using the SPIFI library.

After bootup I'm using the SPIFI library to do additional customization...here's the first few lines:

   spifiInit(LPC_SPIFI_BASE, false); // tried with true as well
   uint32_t memSize = spifiGetHandleMemSize(LPC_SPIFI_BASE);

The processor hangs when I call spifiGetHandleMemSize...I have located the code and SPIFI library in external SDRAM, and all interrupts are disabled, so I don't believe it's accessing the flash chip.

I came across a different thread where NXP Support indicated that the SPIFI library did not support that particular flash chip.  See here:

So my question is, does the current SPIFI library support the Spansion S25FL132K?  Thanks.