LPC1837 USB0

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vv on Mon Nov 23 09:51:47 MST 2015
Can someone double check this section of my LPC1837JET256 schematic for proper implementation of USB0? We are intending on using this interface as a USB-D MSC.   We are using the Y2 12MHz XO.

When connecting this custom design to Windows 7, the computer does not enumerate and shows up in the device manager as "unknown device".  USBView shows that the device is detected as a low speed device but withour proper enumeration (PID/VID is 0x00). 

Using the same FW on our development kit OM13061 works fine so I believe this must be a hardware issue.

I've changed R102 & R103 to zero ohms as requested by the data sheet and still no joy.