DAC interfere with ADC

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Cusko on Tue Nov 26 02:05:44 MST 2013
I use ADC pin on P4_3 and DAC pin on P4_3. When I set bit DMA_ENA with DAC_ConfigDAConverterControl() the ADC0_0 show some value even if there is none. If DMA_ENA is not set then the ADC0_0 works fine. Why is this happening?
scu_pinmux(4,3, MD_PLN, FUNC0);
LPC_GPIO_PORT->DIR[2] &= ~(1UL<<3);
LPC_SCU->ENAIO0 |= 1<<0;
ADC_Init(LPC_ADC0, 2000, 10);
//Start burst conversion

DAC_CONVERTER_CFG_Type DAC_ConverterConfigStruct;
scu_pinmux(4,4, MD_PLN, FUNC0);
LPC_SCU->ENAIO2 |= 1<<0;
DAC_ConverterConfigStruct.CNT_ENA = 0;
DAC_ConverterConfigStruct.DMA_ENA = 1;
DAC_ConfigDAConverterControl (LPC_DAC, &DAC_ConverterConfigStruct); 

If I comment the line  [u]DAC_ConfigDAConverterControl (LPC_DAC, &DAC_ConverterConfigStruct)[/u] ADC works fine, but then DAC_UpdateValue() don't work.
Any idea? Thank you!