User Manual UM10430 - ROM API description errors

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Hi all,
I would like to ask if there could be some errors in the LPC185x User Manual (Rev. 1.6):
#1 pag.613

Function to register interrupt/event handler for the requested endpoint with USB device stack.
The application layer uses this function to register the custom class's EP0 handler. The stack calls
all the registered class handlers on any EP0  event before going through default handling of the
event. This gives the class handlers to implement class specific request handlers and also to
override the default stack handling for a particular event targeted to the interface. Check
USB_EP_HANDLER_T for more details on how the callback function should be implemented.
hUsbHandle to the USB device stack.ep_indexClass specific EP0 handler function. pfnClass
specific EP0 handler function. dataPointer to the data which will be passed when callback function
is called by the stack.
1. hUsb = Handle to the USB device stack.
2. ep_index = Class specific EP0 handler function.
3. pfn = Class specific EP0 handler function.
4. data = Pointer to the data which will be passed when callback function is called by the stack.

As far I can understand, there is something wrong in the description.
I think that the function above should be used to register the interrupt handler of ANY endpoint (passing ep_index parameter), not only for the EP0!

#2 pag.600

pad0 uint8_tuint8_t USBD_API_INIT_PARAM::pad0[3][3]

Looking at the "usbd_core.h" found in the CMSIS library, the above structure is not defined in the typedef struct USBD_API_INIT_PARAM { ... }

Is there someone that could confirm if there could be something wrong or if I am missing something?