IP address in the LPC 1857 controller

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by saur on Wed Sep 04 21:31:22 MST 2013
I am trying to implement Ethernet communication using the MCB1800 kit which has an LPC1857 controller on board with the provision for Ethernet communication. I was studying the example programs already given by keil to understand it.

In the code related to Ethernet, I couldn't find any place where they have assigned the IP address of the device to the controller, though they have defined it in the Net_Config.c file.

I also read the user manual for LPC1857 (i.e. LPC18xx with title "UM10430") and found that there is no register assigned in the controller for IP address. Only the register for MAC address is present.

So, how to assign the IP address to the device??

I don't think communication is possible without the IP address.

Also, do we need to create a socket or provide a port ID to perform Ethernet communication??

Any light on these matters would be great.