LWIP on a LPC17778 board.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Vijay Vaidya on Thu Jun 26 04:55:06 MST 2014
Hello Kevin Wells,

I am taking freedom to directly address to you on this forum,
as i noted that you are the 'committer' for this port on
git repository.

We intend to implement LWIP Stack on our LPC1778 home grown board
that has KS8721 as PHY. We don't have any DRAM on board and want to
use Peripheral RAM for PBUFs allocation with ZERO_COPY mode.

We are using CodeRed5 Suite Tools.

To begin with, i downloaded both, lwip_lpc_v1_10 and lwip_lpc_v1_01
to decide which one i should use as starting point.

Obviously, for such a minimal system, to increase the throughput we
defined = 1.

My problem is, in v1_10 (which is the latest) in none of the files of
'nxpcommon' folder the above symbols appear, whereas in v1_01 files
these appear at many places. This has made me believe that for zero-copy
mode i should start with v1_01 pack.

My confusion is,
1. does the v1_10 takes care of ZEROCOPY mode in implementation in a
   transparent manner and we only have to ensure in linker script
   that .bss and .data sections of lwip stack files are located properly
   in peripheral ram.

2. i am clear that i will need to write a PHY driver for KS8721 and also
   a correct linker script so that all the sections generated by stack
   files are located properly.

Please guide us on where to start,

Thanks a lot,

With Best Regards,

Vijay Vaidya