Problem with LwIP and EMAC

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jackandrews on Tue Sep 10 07:42:57 MST 2013

I've been testing the TCP echo FreeRTOS demo and everything is working.  I'm now trying to connect a server and stream data out.  I've added the following task which is created with priority 2 after an IP address has been assigned:

I have a python script listening on port 8000.  The above code successfully connects and I see the data in the python script, however after a few iterations it hangs.  I've noticed that if I place a breakpoint on netconn_write and allow it to slowly execute it works.  It also works by adding a 10 ms delay.

However, without a delay it gets stuck waiting for free tx descriptors to become available (i.e. semaphore: xSemaphoreTake(lpc_enetif->xtx_count_sem, 0) is never taken).  It would appear that the tx IRQ is never firing and/or the tx_cleanup task is not working properly.

Any ideas on how to debug this?

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