Error "No source available for "us_ticker_read() at 0x7afa" on LPC1768

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mbochud on Mon Oct 13 07:02:46 MST 2014
Hi Everybody,

I have my own board (with LPC1768) connected through the LPC-LINK2 board (jtag) to the LPCxpresso. The ISP pin (P2[10]) has is external pull-up.
My problem is when I start the debug mode I always have an error "- No source available for "us_ticker_read() at 0x7afa".
The error starts last week and before everything was working fine. I don't know what I change to have this error.
Is anybody knows what it can come from ? I'm looking for several days in forum, but I don't find anythings about it.

Thanks in advance and all the best,