What constitutes P/E cycle in internal flash memory.

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Fellow adventurers of the LPC Kingdom.  :bigsmile:

I'm begining my adventure at "The Cave of Internal FLASH" on my LPC1769 custom board and the following question is bugging me.

What is the definition for a Program/Erase cycle on flash memory?

I know that it is only possible to change bits from 1 to 0 on the internal FLASH and that the only way to restore a bit from 0 to 1 is to erase the entire sector, and I can live with that.
I also know that it is not recommended to write less than 16 bytes of memory due to ECC.

But, if I have a Byte with value 0x4D (01001101) already stored at a FLASH address and I try so send the same value to the same address, does that constitues a program cycle?

Or is the P/E cycle only defined by the change in the state of a said bit?
i.e: A radom bit changing its state from 1 to 0 (Program cycle), or changing from 0 to 1 (Erase cycle).

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