program cannot work without "printf"

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Wilbur He on Tue Apr 14 07:36:43 MST 2015
Hi all, I have met a problem which is I must put a printf inside the function, otherwise it won't work. I have tried many ways such as replace printf with a delay or some other commands. the function still didn't work. It only worked if i put a printf inside. (no matter what i printed). Here is the codes of my function:

while(test==1)// while main heart switch is activated
if(time(NULL) >= duration) //when 15 seconds is up
finalcount = 4* count; //calculate total number of counts
heartcheck(finalcount); //check if motor should be activated
sprintf(buffer,"%d",finalcount);//result to string for display
lcdClrScr();//clear to show new result
lcdPutString("Heartbeats/Min"); //upper
lcdPutString(buffer); //lower

count=0;//reset count for another loop
duration= (time(NULL)+15);// reset 15 seconds later

else // if still not 15 seconds
Read_Pulse();// read pulse