LPC1788 Can UART wake from deep-sleep or power-down

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Can the UART wake the 1788 from deep-sleep or power-down modes? 

This is from UM10470:

3.12.8 Wake-up from Reduced Power Modes
Any enabled interrupt can wake up the CPU from Sleep mode. Certain interrupts can
wake up the processor if it is in either Deep Sleep mode or Power-down mode.
Interrupts that can occur during Deep Sleep or Power-down mode will wake up the CPU if
the interrupt is enabled. After wake-up, execution will continue to the appropriate interrupt
service routine. These interrupts are NMI, External Interrupts EINT0 through EINT3, GPIO
interrupts, Ethernet Wake-on-LAN interrupt, Brownout Detect, RTC Alarm, CAN Activity
Interrupt, and USB Activity Interrupt. For the wake-up process to take place the
corresponding interrupt must be enabled in the NVIC. For pin-related peripheral functions,
the related functions must also be mapped to pins.

This seems to indicate no, but wanted confirmation. If not, is there another way to do it?  Tie UART pin to GPIO and use GPIO interrupt?