Synchronizing ADC conversion with PWM?

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Hi folks,

Is there a way with the LPC17xx to sync or trigger an ADC sample & conversion from the start of the PWM period? Or end or the period, or the low-transition.

The application is to the speed control of a brushed DC motor. The ADC will sense the back EMF of the motor, ideally in the last 5% or so of the PWM period, and then PWM just gets limited to 95% maximum.

I am looking at the User Manual, and nothing it jumping out at me, but I am not familiar with LPC peripherals. I have previously implemented this on a dsPIC, but it has hardware support specially for this operation, where there is a "Special Event" counter triggered by the start of the PWM period, clocked by the PWM clock, and the expiration of that count can be used to initiate the ADC samp&conv.

It occurs to me that I could do this by using a timer with match registers to set period & duty cycle (output pins or interrupt + software GPIO), and then a third match register w/ interrupt to start the ADC with a software write.

Does that make sense?
Since I need 4x PWM w/ equal period, that should be doable with just 2x timers.

If there is a more clever or elegant way to put that together with functionality already existing in the LPC17xx peripherals that I have missed, please let me know!