Questions about boot process of LPC1769

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I am new with LPCXpresso1769 board, and I have two questions about the boot process of LPC1769. My programs run fine, I am just asking for explanations.

I have read the User Manual, UM10360, Rev 3 (20 December 2013) and section 32.3 says:


Pin P2.10 is used as a hardware request signal for ISP and therefore requires special attention. Since P2.10 is in high impedance mode after reset, it is important that the user provides external hardware (a pull-up resistor or other device) to put the pin in a defined state. Otherwise unintended entry into ISP mode may occur.

But I have found in section 9.2.1:


All I/Os default to input with pullup after reset.

So what is the state after reset ? In LPCXpresso 1769 board, it seems that P0.12 is not connected.

The second question is about "Criterion for Valid User Code" (section


The reserved Cortex-M3 exception vector location 7 (offset 0x 001C in the vector table) should contain the 2’s complement of the check-sum of table entries 0 through 6. This causes the checksum of the first 8 table entries to be 0. The boot loader code checksums the first 8 locations in sector 0 of the flash. If the result is 0, then execution control is transferred to the user code.

But the vector table generated by the new project wizard is:

void (* const g_pfnVectors[])(void) = {
    &_vStackTop, // The initial stack pointer
    ResetISR,                               // The reset handler
    NMI_Handler,                            // The NMI handler
    HardFault_Handler,                      // The hard fault handler
    MemManage_Handler,                      // The MPU fault handler
    BusFault_Handler,                       // The bus fault handler
    UsageFault_Handler,                     // The usage fault handler
    0,                                      // Reserved

The vector at location 7 is 0, and does not conform to the above rule. But, actually, program is running. So documentation is not accurate ?