LPC1754 at 3v

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by zepedrowdp on Wed May 28 03:58:13 MST 2014

I designed my board with a single supply of 3.3v for VDD and VDDreg. The datasheet of the TFT I'm using says that the typical voltage for communication is 2.8v but goes to a max of 3.3v, so I guessed it would work with the 3.3v.

Thing is, I found out that the TFT only works with a voltage of 3v or less, forcing me to supply the whole board with 3v (both for VDD and VDDreg).

So far, the LPC1754 hasn't shown any problems and everything is working correctly.
Although, I must ask: Should I expect any erratic behavior from the microcontroller due to the supply voltage being a bit lower than recomended? Or is it ok as long as it doesn't drop to extremely low values?