Emwin Memory usage

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I have developed a Secondary Boot Loader on LPC1788. I am using Emwin Graphical library. my main application shows dialog boxes on LCD and everything is working fine. My LCD is 7" Hantronix LCD

I wanted to shown a progress bar on to LCD in Secondary boot loader code.
When i include the Emwin LCD driver in my Secondary boot loader code my code memory is around 11K but when i call GUI_Init
and compile the code memory jumps to 55K which is too high.

I wanted to use Minimum Emwin features and only draw a progress bar on LCD that too with code size less than 10K.
Is it possible with Emwin?

I looked at SWIM library by NXP itself. It is less in size but will have to port it according to my LCD.
so is there any better way to achieve it. Please help.

Thanks in advance