LPC1788/144 LCD controller and external SRAM

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Pacman on Thu Jun 12 14:10:44 MST 2014
I'm trying to connect the 144 pin LPC1788 to a LCD display, which is 480 x 272 pixels.
The required resolution is 16 bit, so that makes 480 x 272 x 2 Bytes = 261120 Bytes = 255 KB.
So I connected a 512K x 8 bit SRAM, but I have address lines A0 to A15 and A23 to A24 available.
As I have only D0 to D7 available, it means I must use byte-access.
That sums up to 4 blocks of 64K each.

As I see it, it's not really possible to use the LCD display I have available, unless there's something I didn't think of.

The problem is that the LCD controller's scan-line address (as far as I understand) cannot be corrected until it reaches the end of the frame. Eg. changing the line address in a HBL interrupt will not have the desired effect.

Does anyone have a solution, hint, idea or suggestion ?