Build Fails for FreeRTOS Demo on LPC1769 using LPCXpresso

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bubbzilla123 on Wed May 28 16:33:43 MST 2014
I'm trying to get the LPCXpresso LPC1768/LPC1769 FreeRTOS demo running on a LPCXpresso LPC1769 board with an LPC-Link attached. I've downloaded and activated the LPCXpresso IDE v7.2.0 using Windows 7 64-bit and followed the application instructions provided with the demo. I've successfully imported the demo which include three projects (CMSISv1p30_LPC17xx, FreeRTOS_Library, and SimpleDemo). FreeRTOS_Library builds successfully but the other two give errors:

CMSISv1p30_LPC17xx gives:
make: *** [src/core_cm3.o] Error 1
registers may not be the same -- `strexh r0,r0,[r1]'
registers may not be the same -- `strexb r0,r0,[r1]'

SimpleDemo gives:
cannot find -lCMSISv1p30_LPC17xx
make: *** [SimpleDemo.axf] Error 1

Any advice would be greatly appreciate.