Processor crash

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I am sure you get lots of 'processor crash' problems, BUT I think this one is different:

The processor is the LPC1788  (ARM cortex M3) running bare bones with attached TFT LCD.

An interrupt causes it to crash at some point, randomly, nothing unusual there.


The processor seems to have completely died.

Non of the traps have been called, they are all monitored.
The main oscillator is running.
The LCD which runs from external memory has a blank single colour screen. When I look at the external memory bus it is stopped, so the LCD is still trying to run, but not accessing external memory.
The watchdog trap is not called, however, if watchdog is set to reset, that will recover.
The Jtag debug port crashes. It works fine up until the processor crash and then the debugger fails to access the processor.

So, the processor sems to be completely stopped.

Does anybody know what state the processor is in? and how it might have got there?

Any ideas appreciated.

Regards, Chris.