why prefer SSP instead of SPI everywhere??? confused :-s

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hi all,

i am new to this forum and to the ARM programming also. I have had experience with some simple peripherals but i am stuck with SPI interfacing with serial flash memory. the problem is that whereever i look i find the examples for SPI written with SSP0. the whole code is written in SSP0. no register of SPI has been initialized or used. i recently found out that SSP0 when used as SPI has a FIFO which allows communications to greater extent and also provides a data bufer while SPI doesnt provide buffer when transmitting.

I tried to develop a code but i cant verify it and its not working  ;) . firstly because nobody writes code for legacy SPI and secondly when running the simulator, the SPI->SPDR doesnt show any data(although it indicates SPI flag when completed and SPI write collission when overwritten).

can anyone eliminate my confusion as to why we dont prefer legacy SPI over SSP0. i mean why provide with SPI function when that same function can be implemented on SSP.

thanks :)